Worship Concert

Pentecost Worship Session – Munich 2024

Saturday, May 18th from 19:00

The Pentecost worship session is a Unificationist spiritual revival through praise, prayer, and inspiration for everyone. It fuses contemporary worship music with the Cheonshim Won spirit.

The program features 10 minutes of Chanyang praise and clapping. You are welcome to wear the iconic ‘Cheong Pyeong white.’ However, no particular dress code is required.


Band: Near Revival

Allister Gough, Kieran Hoyte, Robin Chionna, Amabel Vitai, Sophia Nichols, Mabok Chen,
Howard Miller, Betty Rodriguez-Malony, Fridolin Johnson

Let It Blow

During the Pentecost Service on Sunday, the Worship Band will lead us in offering HYO JIN NIM’s song LET IT BLOW.

You are invited to familiarize yourself with the song and lyrics so that you can join in and sing along with all your heart.

Download the lyrics sheet