Family Fair & Kids Program

EUME Children's Art Contest

Age group Place Name Age Nation Art
7-10 I Penhard Emilie 8 Luxembourg Emile Penhard 8, LUX
II Yoshida Chloé 9 Italy Chloé Yoshida 9, Italy
III Orr Ilias 10 Netherlands Ilias Orr, 10, NL
Age group Place Name Age Nation Art
11-14 I Schenk Jona 11 Austria Jona Schenk, 11, Austria
II Yoshida Alicia 11 Italy Alicia Yoshida 11, Italy
III Haller Emily 11 Germany Emily Haller,11, Germany
Age group Note
15-17 No prize given due to insufficient participation.

Age group 7 - 10

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Age group 15 - 17

Hello Parents,
Please find the schedule for the Young Families on Saturday and Sunday. This is for your information to help you plan. If we have changes they will be communicated in the Bloom! Young Families Support WhatsApp group.
Things good to bring: Sun protection, Sand toys (there are sand pits there), snacks, and change of clothes for kids (in case they got wet)
Good to know: In front of the main hall is a shallow body of water which is not meant for walking in (sorry) as this may cause damage to the lining underneath the rocks.
There will be coffee, soft drinks, apples and bananas for purchase and nappy changing area in the Foyer of the Main Hall.
On Sunday during Sunday Service, we will have live-feed of the event in a small side building which can hold up to 150 people. This is meant for parents of kids who cannot follow the 2 hour long Sunday Service in the Main Hall and need to their energy out outdoors.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Children's song during the
Pentecost Service

On Sunday, during Sunday Service, we would like to have the children sing a song. The song “You are my Sunshine” was chosen and amended lyrics and a video with movements created. We would like you to practice the song and movements with your children, age 4-14 years.

On Saturday, May 18th, we will have a final practice with all the children on site. All children are invited to practice and perform the song.

Parents of children who are happy to sing/perform in front of others and have experience we invite you to join a subgroup for further communication. Thank you! 😊